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Lincoln automated lubrication systems are available as either a factory-fit option or as standard on a significant number of wheel loaders, excavators, graders and haul trucks worldwide.  After-market kits are also being developed and sold in the US for Caterpillar’s complete wheel loader product line.

Lincoln is a partner in Komatsu's One-Stop-Shopping factory-fit program for mid-size wheel loaders and excavators.  Systems are also available worldwide as a factory fit on larger wheel loaders, excavators, and haul trucks.

After-market kits are available for Terex rigid and articulating haul trucks. Systems are available as a factory-fit option on all larger Unit Rig haul trucks. 

After-market kits are available in the United States for excavators targeted for use in the construction industry. Lincoln systems are factory-fit on Hitachi-Euclid haul trucks and on the larger Hitachi hydraulic excavators manufactured in Japan.

John Deere
Lincoln systems are now available as an off-line, factory-fit on a growing number of Deere wheel loaders and backhoes.

Lincoln automated lubrications systems are available as a factory-fit option on three models of Manitowoc cranes.

Lincoln automated lubrications systems are factory-fit standard on three models of Grove cranes.